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Your maids of Arizona was founded on the principles of quality, reliability, and honest dedication to our customers and our whole community. We constantly work hard to innovate and bring you more value through our services, we work with other local companies teaching them proper ways to ensure their efficiency while reducing costs and prices. We work hard for your overall complete satisfaction.

We are striving to be of as much value to you as we can and are proud to offer you residential and office cleaning services as well as handy man services valley wide.

One Time, Weekly or Bi-Weekly House Cleaning – On a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Further more our routine services are very flexible, you don’t pay what we presume to be fair, you pay what is agreed to based on frequency, lifestyle and needs and adjust our rates and visits accordingly maximizing our value to you.

  • You can schedules  7 days a week
  • You get full reliable trust of an established company.
  • If needed we can offer you deep carpet cleaning. can do backyard clean up and yard maintenance.
  • You can include landscaping and yard maintenance all in one!
  • You keep all your supplies and tools – we bring our own.
  • We are fully licensed, bonded and insured.
  • Our team members have over over 20 years experience.
  • You get a legitimate deep cleaning that you can really feel good about. We guarantee it.
  • You can customize as you wish. 
  • We Offer discounts for business commercial cleaning and residential cleaning packages


What We Do For You 

We do more than just mop and dust your your beautiful Phoenix house. Our maids use only the most efficient, green, organic, natural safe cleaning natural products available. We truly are your best green natural cleaning maids in Phoenix! We bring amazing quality brands to your home using products from companies such as Honest Company products and we also create our own green, organic and child safe cleaning supplies! Our priority is always on a healthy family – that of course includes pets! We are the best natural cleaning company in all of Phoenix and surrounding areas we offer based natural and organic cleaning service and it was founded for one purpose, to give you a safe clean personal environment free of harsh chemicals and more free time to enjoy doing what you want.

2 to 4 Maids per house as needed for cleaning

By offering you anywhere from 2 to 4 Maids for the cost of hiring 1 with another company, we not only save you money but we you also receive a much better experience and quality. Having larger teams working cohesively helps each other eliminate distraction & cleaning blind spots, also tasks are completed much faster which saves you time. 

When people do things with joy and love a better job is done!

Our Flexible Approach

You get your cleaning needs served not a sales pitch based service.  We don’t force a step by step guideline to our maids as much as we force you to chose from a list of services. Every home cleaning includes a ton of items that will be completed through out your home but if you have special requirements just tell us and we will ensure that they are met! Our Maids’ ongoing training revolves around being flexible to your needs and preferences and treat each home differently and as requested. 

The only science we rely on is on the products we use, everything else is simply done with love and hard work. 

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State Of The Art

All of our Honest Maids are equipped with all the tools for the job! We are a family owned and mommy ran business, we research all the products and equipment we use in your home, from the vacuum to type of cotton clothes. When you hire us, you can expect state of the art, new & reliable equipment, something you can’t from freelancers and even some franchise companies here in the valley. 

We Care About Your Family

Glendale cleaning company honest maids offers green house cleaning services on demand and are bonded and insured cleaning maid services. Litchfield Honest Maids offers natural cleaning services including move in move out. We never use harsh acids or chemicals like other maid services in the valley! We use pre-approved cleaning products that are eco-friendly, organic and naturally derived as much as possible. Our products are sourced from other family oriented and health focused companies. 
Honest Maids BBB Business Review
clean refirgerator and kitchen stove naturally cleaned foreclosure home cleaning

Here is a list of areas that we clean around your home: 

Here is a list of areas that we clean around your home: 

✔ = take care of that on each visit! whether is a one time visit,weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
✖ = we offer this upon request or as needed when we visit.



Honest Maids Cleaning Service
All Areas  One-Time Cleaning  Maintenance Cleaning  Move In / Move Out
Vacuum Carpets & or Rugs
Mop Wash Floors
Clean all mirrors
Clean Toilet Bowls
Clean Inside Microwave
Clean Appliance Surfaces
Scrub & Disinfect Sinks
Remove Trash
Clean Glass Doors
Load Dishwasher
Dust & Wipe Window Sills***
Vacuum/Dust Furniture
Dust Chandeliers***
Dust/Wipe Stair Rails
Polish Wood Furniture***
Disinfect Door Knobs
Wipe your TV/Computer Monitors
Make Beds & Change linens
Empty Ashtrays
Spray Disinfectant on Surfaces
Wash Surface Counter Tops
Dust Top of Door Frames
Degrease Stove Back Splash
Clean Ceiling Fans***
Vacuum Couch Seats
Clean Front Door Windows***
Clean Inside Vanity Mirrors
Dust Picture Frames
Wipe Clean Baseboards
WOAH! We do a lot! but here’s more:  Standard One-Time Cleaning  Recurring Dedicated Cleaning  Move In / Move Out
Remove Cobwebs***
Remove Nasty Grime from Burners
Interior Stove Cleaning / Degreasing
Interior Refrigerator Cleaning
Removal of Refrigerator Contents**
Pet Hair Removal Brushing
Clean & Wipe Blinds
Dust/Vacuum Drapes
Load/Unload Clothes Washer**
Load/Unload Clothes Dryer**
Fold Laundry**
Empty Dishwasher
Rearrange Closets**
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